Message from the Scientific Leadership
The Miami Project’s international team of over 175 scientists, researchers, clinicians and support staff is dedicated to improving the quality of life and, ultimately, finding a cure for paralysis. Miami Project researchers are currently conducting clinical studies and trials in spinal cord injury, including testing neuroprotective strategies, cellular therapies using Schwann cell and stem cell transplantation and advanced rehabilitation and neuromodulation approaches including the use of brain machine interface technologies. Other areas of current research include drug discovery for axonal regeneration and immune modulation, neuropathic pain, male fertility and cardiovascular disorders.

Areas of Research
Cell Transplantation, Exercise Science, Fertility, Neurophysiology, Neuroplasticity, Neuroprotection, Neuroregeneration, Nutrition, Pain, Spasticity, and Traumatic Brain Injury.

The Miami Project’s Core Facilities
Electron Microscopy, High Content, Histology, Microscopy and Viral Vector Core Facilities are available.

Career and Student Opportunities
Post-Doctoral Associate and Graduate Student programs are available as well as Student Fellowships and an NIH Neurotrauma Summer Research Fellowship.

Scientific Events and Calendar
A listing of scientific events and calendar for the academic year.

Research Reviews
Published studies that have passed the test of review by scientific colleagues are a measure of progress.