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Clinical Trials
and Research Studies

The Miami Project researchers currently have several clinical trials and research studies available for people who have had a spinal cord injury; some are for acute injuries and some are for chronic injuries.

No Two Spinal Cord Injuries are Exactly the Same.

A critical Miami Project mission is to conduct basic and translational research to support future clinical advancements

- Drs. Barth Green, Dalton Dietrich and Allan Levi

In 2011, I was paralyzed. Today I can walk. I am thankful to God, and for all of the support I had from my family and friends. Special thanks to Marc and Nick Buoniconti, and The Miami Project for all they've done to help people.

- Jorge Valdes

I suffered a spinal cord injury in 1983. The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis really made a difference in my life.

- Frank Diaz

Exosomes, like the nano-sized vehicle of Fantastic Voyage, will allow us to deliver biomolecules or pharmaceuticals to specific areas of the body after injury to program damaged cells to survive and repair themselves

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The Education office of The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis is available to answer any questions or provide further clarification regarding any of our ongoing clinical studies. Feel free to get in touch with us today!

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