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Publications and Reviews

The Project Magazine

The Project Magazine 2019
The Project Magazine 2019

The Project is the official magazine of The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis. Printed once a year, the magazine is designed to serve as an overview of research and fundraising activities throughout the previous year.  Archive copies are available.

Research Reviews

Research Review 2018
Research Review 2018

Published studies that have passed the test of review by scientific colleagues are a measure of progress. Over the years, Miami Project scientists have been exceptionally productive. All of the published papers contribute important information to move toward the ultimate goal of finding a cure for paralysis. Miami Project scientists are making significant contributions that will lead to accomplishing the goal.

Our Annual Research Review summarizes our broad scientific programs by highlighting selected scientific papers published that year. Follow the links below to download a PDF file of the full document.  Archive copies are available.


Research Publications

This section lists publications authored by Miami Project faculty members and their colleagues. The references are listed by year in standard format including: Authors’ names (year of publication); title of article; journal or book title, volume: page numbers



Additional publications may be found through PubMed, a service of the National Library of Medicine.