This page offers many resources for care and living with paralysis. The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis is not a patient care facility, but is a research facility that conducts studies aimed at improving treatments for paralysis caused by spinal cord injury (SCI). Some individuals who have SCI volunteer as participants in our ongoing clinical research studies. If you would like to know more about participating in clinical research studies at The Miami Project, please see Research Participation.

If you are looking for an individualized medical evaluation or rehabilitation therapy, we encourage you to use the following resources to locate care and services. The Miami Project, as a research center, does not provide comprehensive care, treatment, or rehabilitation evaluations.


There are several clinical care programs at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center available for people with spinal cord injury. These programs are at the expense of the patient and are not Miami Project research programs. For assistance with coordinating a visit to the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, please call the Physician’s Referral Department at (305) 243-5757 or (800) 432-0191. International patients may contact the International Health Center at (305) 243-9100, fax (305) 243-9101 or by email.

University of Miami Spine Institute
For appointments with physicians or further information call, (305) 243-6946, option 1 or option 9 for Spanish speaking patients.

University of Miami Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
For appointments with physicians or further information, call (305) 243-6605.
For information on Inpatient Services, call 305-585-7112.

University of Miami Department of Urology
Urological Consultation
For appointments with physicians or further information, call (305) 243-6090.

Miami VA Medical Center Spinal Cord Injury/Disorder Service
Care for veterans with SCI.For appointments with physicians or further information, call (305) 575-7000, ext 3518


There are several unique opportunities available for people with SCI visiting Miami for their medical care.

Group tours of The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis are available on Tuesdays at 11am. Reservations are required and can be made by the person scheduling your medical appointment(s) or by calling 305-243-7108 directly.

The Shake-A-Leg Miami Community Water Sports Center is your gateway to Biscayne Bay. This fully accessible facility provides opportunities for sailing, kayaking, and powerboating for both individuals and groups looking to get some time on the water. Both formal instruction and relaxed recreational excursions are available depending on the needs of the client. Programs use accessible equipment to enable all people to enjoy the benefits of water sports recreation. Please call 305-858-5550 for more information.

Miami Physical Therapy Associates, Inc. is committed to helping you maximize your independence by working together with you to set individualized goals. They offer a variety of services including rehabilitation, gait training, seating evaluations, and driving evaluations.

iAM ABLE is a non-profit paralysis center dedicated to increasing understanding and independence of each individual’s unique journey. They offer guidance, therapy, and resources for the community. Through a wide range of services such as physical therapy, robotic gait training, functional electrical stimulation, and mentorship. You can visit their website or contact them directly at 305-283-9717.



Wonderfully Ordinary: My story of motherhood (published by The Rick Hansen Institute)
Karen developed a spinal cord injury at the age of 15. Despite the many challenges, Karen didn’t let her injury stop her from achieving her goals. She has since gone on to have a successful career as a pediatric social worker, is a passionate advocate for spinal cord injury care and is also a wife and mother of two young children. Karen is also a member of the Perinatal Interest Group – a diverse committee working to increase dialogue and awareness between health care providers and women with spinal cord injury with an interest in sexuality, fertility and reproductive health. A one-day workshop hosted by the Perinatal Interest Group and supported by Rick Hansen Institute was held in November 2013 involving consumers, clinicians and researchers to initiate a collaborative process for addressing the significant gaps in knowledge and services for women with SCI.

Pregnancy and Spinal Cord Injury Leaflet an information leaflet for women with SCI (published by the Spinal Cord Injury Organization of BC)

Pregnancy and Spinal Cord Injury Booklet an information booklet for women with SCI (published by the Spinal Cord Injury Organization of BC)

Best Practice Guidelines for the care of Spinal Cord Injured Women in Pregnancy (available on ePOPS — search “spinal cord injury”)