Over the past year, many activities have transitioned to a virtual format, so that people can remain safe and socially distanced during the pandemic.  The Miami Project continues to provide a variety of exercise and mobility sessions live on Zoom every weekday. But what about people who would like to work out and stay healthy, but do not want to do it in front of a computer, or may not always have reliable internet access?  With that in mind, The Miami Project clinical researchers have assembled an “At Home Fitness Guide”, based on exercise protocols developed in the laboratory of Dr. Mark Nash, Associate Scientific Director for Research and Professor. These protocols were developed over the years to optimize health in people with spinal cord injury, promoting overall health and wellness.

“Dealing with the pandemic this past year, we’ve all gotten used to doing a lot virtually to stay active. We are slowly getting back to having our friends with spinal cord injury join us in the new Christine E. Lynn Rehabilitation Center for The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, but there are many who cannot come regularly because of their circumstances.  This guide will help them to continue to work out on their own and at their own pace to help them stay healthy,” said Francisco Diaz, who manages the Lifestyle Center at The Miami Project.

The guide provides modifications for people with varying levels of fitness and neurological function, with tips for adaptive movements and equipment.  The training program consists of a mix of cardio conditioning and weightlifting maneuvers, utilizing a resistance band system that mounts on a standard door frame and/or using dumbbells.

The fitness guide includes a section that enables people to track their progress as they work toward their fitness goals. The “At Home Fitness Guide” is available by clicking below and is downloadable as a PDF. If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to contact the Education Department at 305-243-7108 or by email at mpinfo@med.miami.edu.

At Home Fitness Guide

At Home Fitness Guide