September is the Month for SCI Awareness

SCI Awareness Month Graphic

We know by now that September is designated as National Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Awareness Month, an especially important designation for The Miami Project, and all working in research, advocacy and awareness. This designation, first granted by the U.S. Senate in 2012, continues to be a validation of the great work being done in the area of SCI arena, and for The Miami Project as we enter an unprecedented time in research and discovery.

The resolution passed by the U.S. Senate states, in part “…every 48 minutes a person will become paralyzed, underscoring the urgent need to develop new neuroprotection, pharmacological, and regeneration treatments to reduce, prevent, and reverse paralysis…” It continues, “…increased education and investment in research are key factors in improving outcomes for victims of spinal cord injuries, improving the quality of life of victims, and ultimately curing paralysis.”

Said Marc Buoniconti of the designation, “I am incredibly grateful to the entire U.S. Senate for recognizing National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month. “This designation will go a long way in generating more awareness and support for the cutting-edge research that is leading us closer to a cure. Our innovative approaches, discoveries, clinical trials, and scientific breakthroughs are offering real hope that a cure will be found soon.”

With that said, what can each of us do to help make a difference for our friends in wheelchairs and support SCI Awareness Month?  There are many options, but we’ll share a few simple, but effective options.

1 – Take some time to learn about SCI. Many of the changes that occur after SCI aren’t visible from the outside; however, there is a wealth of resources available online at www.TheMiamiProject.org, and elsewhere, to learn more about SCI and how it changes people’s lives.

2 – Spread the word. Search information on your social media channels using #SpinalCordInjury to learn more about the challenges of living with SCI. If you share posts related to this worthy cause, please consider using: #SCIAwareness #SCIAwarenessMonth #TheMiamiProject #CureParalysis

3 – Any efforts to support the SCI community by donating your time, talents, or raising funds toward the cause are always appreciated. A Facebook fundraiser is a great way to easily raise funds, and can quickly be set up by following this link: https://www.facebook.com/fund/cureparalysis/