New Miami Project Website Rolls Out

new Miami Project website

You may have noticed a different look to the website for The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis.  Our web and marketing team has done extensive research and received feedback from all stakeholders as we thoughtfully considered the updates that you see today.  This upgrade is a work in progress and will continue to develop over the coming months.  Our team endeavored to make the new Miami Project website insightful, informative, easy to navigate and visually appealing.

The new website features many newly redesigned sections to help visitors more easily navigate to the topic they are most interested learning more about. True to our most important stakeholders, those living with SCI and their families, the newly updated SCI Community page focuses on information about clinical trials and studies, staying healthy, important SCI resources, healthy living information, Covid Corner that has specific safety tips and data, and a question and answer section that includes videos answering some of the most common questions our education department receives.  There is also an option to send in questions about SCI and research that may make it into future videos.

The Research section of the new Miami Project website covers all relevant areas of our spinal cord injury research, including other central nervous system related research dealing with MS, TBI, concussion, and stroke, that can have implications for those who are living with these injuries, diseases and disorders. The section also includes an extensive research video library where visitors can view our Moment with Dalton series where our scientific director, Dr. W. Dalton Dietrich, talks with many or our faculty about their areas of research. There are also numerous videos for our friends in wheelchairs and their caregivers on mobility, circuit training, high intensity interval training, and more, in an effort to help people stay active and healthy.  For our scientists, and those interested in research and scientific discussion, we have many presentations by both Miami Project and visiting researchers sharing results from their laboratories.

The completely revamped People page focus on our investigators, and includes information on their research interests, different areas of research their lab covers, and a listing with links to their publications.  Additionally, the new site hosts an integrated calendar of our scientific and fundraising events, information on fundraising chapters of The Buoniconti Fund to cure Paralysis, the fundraising and awareness entity of The Miami Project, and our most current issues of The Project, the official magazine of The Miami Project and Buoniconti Fund, and an archive of these publications. New in this web redesign is a suite of accessibility options that greatly improve ease of use for everyone. We have incorporated into the site a system which allows for the transformation of our digital content to make it accessible for people with disabilities.

The new Miami Project website design and logo updates were generously donated by Buoniconti Fund Board Member, Reid Mack. Visit the all new site by visiting www.TheMiamiProject.org