Meet the Researcher – Dr. David McMillan

Dr. David McMillan in his lab

The Miami Project presents Meet the Researcher, a periodic video series where each video introduces a new researcher. We will hear from the brilliant up and coming scientists and researchers that are part of The Miami Project’s dynamic international team.  Each video will highlight a research who will, in their own words, answer the same short set of questions in order to tell us about their background, research interests, and contributions to The Miami Project that most excites them.

This episode includes Dr. David McMillan, a new faculty member and our new Director of Education and Research, who holds a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology and is currently pursuing a M.A. in Journalism.  He’s been a part of our research team for six years.

Dr. McMillan, at the time of this taping, was most excited to share about his research on how people with spinal cord injuries prepare for hurricanes. Without proper knowledge and resources, it’s easy for many in the SCI community to fall through the cracks, which during life threatening emergencies can have disastrous results. Dr. McMillan assisted Dr. David Gater and Dr. Elizabeth Felix in viewing hurricane preparedness through the South Florida SCI-lens. Leveraging their perspectival knowledge, stakeholders from our local SCI Support Groups were involved in conceiving the research question; and the results might inform preparedness practices and education that can be enhanced in this community… As well as gaps in service from providers and policy makers. Watch the video here.