Ganzer Neurotechnology Lab

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Ganzer Neurotechnology Lab Retreat (2022)
Ganzer Neurotechnology Lab Retreat (2022)
• Ganzer & Kanumuri Neurotechnology Lab Retreat (2023)
Ganzer & Kanumuri Neurotechnology Lab Retreat (2023)


Closed-Loop Neuromodulation (Patrick Ganzer, Ph.D.)



Closed-Loop Neuromodulation

We are focused on developing closed-loop neuromodulation therapies. Closed-loop neuromodulation integrates several approaches including the recording of disease events and reactive nerve stimulation (figure adapted from Mylavarapu et al., 2023).

Machine Learning (Patrick Ganzer, Ph.D.)



Machine Learning

Biosignals recorded during disease events can be decoded using machine learning. Our research uses a number of machine learning approaches to further decipher underlying physiological states (adapted from Ganzer et al., 2022).

Neuroplasticity (Patrick Ganzer, Ph.D.)


Our neuromodulation therapies promote neuroplasticity of damaged control networks to facilitate recovery. We use a number of techniques to assess neuroplasticity including brain mapping, transsynaptic tracing, and more.



Current Lab Members



Undergraduate Researchers

  • Alexa Gonzalez
  • Andrea Godoy
  • Andres Leon
  • Anu Ramdin
  • Ariana Rejas
  • Ben Broyles
  • Bryan Pillai
  • Catalina Munoz Duhart
  • Che Won Lee
  • Chris Gottlieb
  • Daniel Alarcon
  • Elissa Cimino
  • Emily Baker
  • Gabriel De Hostos
  • Keren Perez
  • Liv Nikolich
  • Mynor Orellana
  • Rachel Farinas
  • Rafael Pereira
  • Samantha Braun

Past Lab Members

  • Alex Miller
  • Brayan Betancourt
  • Collette Thomas (Ph.D. student; Georgia Tech)
  • Dhilani Premaratne (B.S. student; Rice University)
  • Julie Ornelas (M.S. student; Florida Atlantic University)
  • Nicole Koziol (B.S. student; Boston University)
  • Patrick Arter (Research Specialist; Harvard University)
  • Peter Kasarda (Researcher; Carnegie Mellon University)
  • Ronyra Nicolas (B.S. student; Miami Dade College)
  • Skye Conlan (Ph.D. student; University of Miami)
  • Valerie Yunis Ott (Researcher; University of Miami)
  • Victoria Pernas