Dr. Barth Green Celebrates 20 Years as Chairman

Barth Green honored as Chairman of Neurological Surgery at University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

November 2014 – Dr. Barth A. Green, professor and chairman of the Department of Neurological Surgery, recently celebrated 20 years as Chair with more than 200 of his colleagues, family and friends.  Over his 39 plus years of neurosurgical experience at the Miller School, Jackson Memorial Hospital and Miami VA, Dr. Green has developed a world-class program renowned in the surgical management of complex spinal cord injuries and disorders.  His numerous contributions to this institution include cofounding The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, the most comprehensive spinal cord injury research center in the world, and Project Medishare for Haiti in 1994 to help improve the health status of Haiti’s citizens through an integrated, bottoms-up, community approach to development. Because of his established networks in Haiti, he led the University’s response to the earthquake there in 2010, helping impact thousands of lives. Dr. Green also cofounded the University’s Global Institute for Community Health and Development, a university-wide program focused on improving healthcare and advancing community development in the Western Hemisphere.

“I’ve been here for nearly 40 years, with 20 as Chairman, everyone here has been a part of my life.  The most important thing I learned in life is you are who you hang out with.  So what a wonderful team and village I’ve had the privilege of working with over these years.  Each morning when I come here I’m filled with goose bumps about the future of UM, Jackson, the VA and our medical center and how we’re at the cusp of so many new and amazing opportunities, and I just want to be a part of it all,” said Dr. Green.

“Barth is an individual who has a unique way to care for the people of his department.  The department is the top department of neurosurgery in the country, The Miami Project is the number one project of its kind in the country.  It seems that everything that Barth touches turns to gold,” said Dean Pascal Goldschmidt.

Many of Dr. Green’s friends and colleagues were in attendance, including his wife Kathy, his son Jeremy and daughter Jenna.  His son Jared was out of town and sent a video message congratulating his father on his accomplishment.  Speakers who shared congratulations and thanks to Dr. Green included Dean of the Miller School, Pascal Goldschmidt; Dr. Roberto Heros, Professor and Co-Chairman of Neurological Surgery; Dr. Robert Quencer, Chairman, Department of Radiology; Dr. Stephen Falcone, Associate Professor of Radiology, Neurological Surgery, and Ophthalmology and Associate Vice President for Medical Affairs; Joe Natoli, Senior Vice President for Business and Finance and Chief Financial Officer; and Suzie Sayfie, Executive Director of The Miami Project.

“Barth has spent his life here at the University, and he has made the Miller School of Medicine much better than it was before he was here.  He exemplifies all the leadership qualities that anyone could ask for.  He has tremendous vision and he is persistent in what he believes in and he will achieve what he believes in,” said Dr. Stephen Falcone.