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Donate Now to The Miami Project
Donate Now to The Miami Project

The Miami Project’s extended family are those special individuals, corporations and foundations that care enough to believe in a dream, a dream to free millions from their wheelchairs. Every day the scientists at The Miami Project are finding new insights and discoveries as they work to find a cure for paralysis.  But scientific research is expensive and we need your support. With 84-86 cents out of every dollar raised going directly towards research, The Miami Project is one of the best run organizations in the world.

Clinical Trials
Clinical Trials

In addition to our daily innovative research, we have recently embarked on an exciting new chapter in our 32 year history – A Human Clinical Trials Initiative. The goal of this Initiative is to take promising discoveries from laboratory studies and carefully fast track them to human clinical trials. Through your tax-deductible donation, you have helped to improve the lives of more than one million spinal cord injured individuals around the world.

4 Ways to give:

  1. Online – Donate online today! (Credit/debit card) 
  2. Fax – Print and complete our General Donation Form for The Miami Project and fax it to (305) 243-6017.
    (Credit/debit card)
  3. Mail – Print and complete our General Donation Form for The Miami Project and mail to: (Credit/debit card, check or cash)

The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis
ATTN: Director of Annual Giving
P.O. Box 016960 (R48)
Miami, FL 33101 

  1. Phone – please call us at (305) 243-7147 and we will take all the necessary information to process your contribution. (Credit/debit card)

If you have any questions at all regarding giving a contribution to The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, please call (305) 243-7147 or email to