2021 SCI Awareness Month Video

Dalton Dietrich SCI Awareness Month

September is National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month. Please join us in acknowledging the hundreds of thousands in the United States and millions worldwide living with spinal cord injury (SCI).

Here are a couple of suggestions on how you can show your support this month:

  1. Take some time to learn about #SpinalCordInjury! Many of the changes that occur after SCI aren’t visible from the outside; however, there is a wealth of resources available online to learn more regarding these changes. You may also want to use this opportunity to reach out to someone who might be more knowledgeable on the topic and engage with them about this unique condition.
  2. Spread the word! Share #SpinalCordInjury posts and information on your social media channels or through word of mouth.
  3. Any efforts to support the SCI community by donating your time, talents, or raising funds toward the cause are always appreciated! A Facebook fundraiser is a great way to easily raise funds.
  4. If you know someone living with SCI, reach out to them and let them know you’re thinking of them.

Stay tuned throughout this month as we continue to share posts, resources, and highlight extraordinary individuals committed to this worthy cause! #SCIAwarenessMonth, #SCIResearch, #spinalcordinjuryresearch, #spinalcordinjury, #themiamiproject, #gointernationalresearcher, #synergyworldwide