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Katie Gant, Ph.D.

Director of Education and Outreach, The Miami Project
Research Assistant Professor, Department of Neurological Surgery

Katie Gant, Ph.D.
Katie Gant, Ph.D.

Katie joined The Miami Project in 2007 as a researcher in the neuromuscular physiology laboratory, studying the properties of paralyzed muscles following spinal cord injury in humans and animal models.

As a doctoral student in biomedical engineering, her research focused on restoring control of hand movements to people with cervical-level spinal cord injury using brain-computer interfaces.


Research Interests

Clinical Trials and Neuroengineering

She currently manages the Schwann cell clinical trials and serves as a co-investigator on numerous clinical studies.  She also oversees the education and outreach programs at The Miami Project.

One of her primary goals is to encourage interactions between the spinal cord injury community, researchers, and clinicians to ensure that The Miami Project’s scientific efforts translate to meaningful improvements.


Katie Gant, Ph.D

  • The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis
    1095 NW 14th Terrace (R-48)
    Miami, FL  33136
  • (305) 243-7108
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EEG-controlled functional electrical stimulation for hand opening and closing in chronic complete cervical spinal cord injury


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