Katie Gant, Ph.D.

Director of Education and Outreach, The Miami Project

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Neurological Surgery

Katie Gant, Ph.D.

The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis
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Miami, FL  33136


Research Interests

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Dr. Katie Gant received her BS and MS degrees in Biomedical Engineering from Tulane University. She received her PhD from The University of Miami in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Dr. Gant’s research experiences span from basic science, to translational experiments, and now clinical trials.

Her interest in spinal cord injury started in the neuromuscular physiology laboratory at The Miami Project, where her studies focused on understanding the properties of paralyzed muscles. This led her to explore techniques for driving paralyzed muscles via natural control signals from the brain. Her dissertation research developed a system that monitored event related desynchronization in the motor cortex of people with cervical-level spinal cord injuries via electroencephalographic recordings. Real-time decoding led to stimulation of upper-extremity muscles to enable hand movements. This work contributed to the development of a closed-loop brain-machine interface utilizing subdural electrodes.

Her current research focuses on enhancing neuroplasticity in the central nervous system, with the goal of improving function for people with spinal cord injuries. Her current studies explore the use of a brain-computer interface based device that produces non-invasive, low intensity and low frequency electromagnetic fields. Coupled with traditional physical therapy, motor rehabilitation may enhance the recovery process in people with SCI. Dr. Gant is also the study manager for The Miami Project’s FDA-regulated clinical trials related to Schwann cell transplantation in spinal cord injury and severe peripheral nerve injury.

As Director of Education and Outreach at The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, Dr. Gant serves as the Scientific Liaison for our research center, promoting interactions between the spinal cord injury community, researchers, and clinicians. She is responsible for informing the public, community partners, and patient groups about spinal cord injury research and resources. Her team oversees the research participant database and intake process for The Miami Project, with aids in the recruitment for our clinical research programs.

Clinical Trials and Neuroengineering

She currently manages the Schwann cell clinical trials and serves as a co-investigator on numerous clinical studies.  She also oversees the education and outreach programs at The Miami Project.

One of her primary goals is to encourage interactions between the spinal cord injury community, researchers, and clinicians to ensure that The Miami Project’s scientific efforts translate to meaningful improvements.

For any inquiries about the clinical research programs at The Miami Project, please contact the Education Department at 305-243-7108 or mpinfo@med.miami.edu.