Lois Pope LIFE Center
Lois Pope LIFE Center

Displayed in the Lois Pope LIFE Center building are crystal signage tributes to the many generous donors who have advanced the scope of our scientific research successes.  To salute the extraordinary accomplishments of the researchers at The Miami Project we are asking you to consider making a donation for a naming opportunity (signage). These funds will go directly to your specified scientific research program. Numerous possibilities exist at The Miami Project for donors interested in having their names associated with the institution and making a lasting impact. The signage will be named according to the wishes of the donor and the gift can be in honor of a family member, a friend, or a mentor. The donor’s name will be forever linked to the accomplishments of The Miami Project’s world class scholars and scientists.

Donors will have their names and photos etched in crystal signage throughout the building of The Miami Project, including the lobby, the common areas, every laboratory, physicians’ offices, surgical areas, library, and conference rooms and auditorium, to designate their gift and support, and their dedication and loyalty to the mission of The Miami Project — curing paralysis. A signage tribute would be a significant way to provide valuable support for the continuing achievements of our scientists and to care for spinal cord injured patients. The Crystal Signage at The Miami Project has won “National Best Signage in a Medical Building.” For more information, please contact Marc Buoniconti, President, at 305-243-7157, or by email at mbuoniconti@umiami.edu.




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