Path of Axon Regeneration

The Long and Winding Path of Axon Regeneration After spinal cord injury (SCI), nerve fibers (axons) have a hard time growing across the area of damage to reestablish functional connections, which often results in loss of sensation and movement below … Continued

Faculty Spotlight – Dr. Hassan Al-Ali

Hassan Al-Ali, PhD, Research Assistant Professor at The Miami Project, is not your typical scientist. His previous mentor and current business partner, Dr. Vance Lemmon, describes him like this: “Hassan is unlike anyone I have met.  He is a fusion … Continued

Dr. Monica Perez Publishes on Acute Intermittent Hypoxia

Dr. Monica Perez and Colleagues Publish that Acute Intermittent Hypoxia Enhances Corticospinal Synaptic Plasticity in Humans Monica A. Perez, P.T., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Neurological Surgery and The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis at the University of Miami Miller … Continued

Miami Project Researchers Launch Startup Truvitech

Researchers Launch Truvitech with Innovative Technology to Identify Novel Drug Targets for Treating Injuries, Diseases, and Disorders Hassan Al-Ali, Ph.D., and Vance Lemmon, Ph.D., faculty members at the University of Miami’s The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, co-founded Truvitech LLC, … Continued

Male Fertility Following Spinal Cord Injury Update

Male fertility following spinal cord injury (SCI) remains a problem that many injured men deal with in their lives.  After SCI, most men face obstacles when pursuing sexual activity and biologic fatherhood. Damage to the spinal cord contributes to sexual … Continued

Lifestyle Intervention Diabetes Prevention Program for SCI

A lifestyle intervention diabetes prevention program for SCI is something that Miami Project researchers have been looking into for many years.  Everyone knows that being overweight poses risks for heart disease and Diabetes.  However, anyone who’s tried to lose weight … Continued

Christine Thomas, Ph.D. Tribute

We are sad to report that Christine Thomas, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Neurological Surgery and The Miami Project, who has been a researching neuromuscular weakness, fatigue, spasms and regeneration at the Miller School for more than 27 years, passed away … Continued