Florida Legislature Appropriation to The Miami Project

Florida State Senator Lauren Book and Florida State Representative Vance Aloupis, sponsors of the recent budget appropriation for The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, visited our research facilities at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine on Friday morning … Continued

Students Gain Valuable Research Experience

Computer savvy students gain valuable research experience at the UM Miller School of Medicine’s Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, and other research departments.  Students from colleges around the country spent the summer with science professors across the university to bolster … Continued

No Two Spinal Cord Injuries are the Same

No two spinal cord injuries (SCIs) are exactly the same. Two people with the same level and grade of injury may have very different functional capabilities. In an uninjured state, the system that controls movement of the body (motor system) … Continued

Replication Studies and The Miami Project

Replication Studies and The Miami Project: A Firsthand Report From the Trenches by Dr. Vance Lemmon Over the past ten years or so a consensus has emerged that, before a new therapy is tested in humans with spinal cord injuries, … Continued

Poker4Life 2019

Poker4Life 2019 (P4L) was recently held in New York City at The Pennsy to benefit The Buoniconti Fund to Cure Paralysis. The 14th edition of the event did not disappoint as more than 200 players vied for the coveted P4L … Continued

Rapid Response Documentary for the KiDZ Neuroscience Center

KiDZ Neuroscience Center at The Miami Project’s Special Screening of Rapid Response Documentary About Motorsports Safety Pioneer Dr. Stephen Olvey The advance debut of the gripping new Rapid Response documentary based on associate professor of clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery, University … Continued

2019 Jack Nicklaus Golf Tournament

Golf Legend Jack Nicklaus Hosted the 17th Annual Buoniconti Fund Celebrity Golf Invitational Presented By Tudor Group Jack Nicklaus, the greatest golfer of all time, along with Marc Buoniconti, hosted the 17th Annual Buoniconti Fund Celebrity Golf Invitational Presented by … Continued

Dr. Mark Nash Awarded Paralyzed Veterans Association Grant

Mark S. Nash, Ph.D., FACSM, Professor of Neurological Surgery, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and Physical Therapy, and Principal Investigator for the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis has been awarded a Paralyzed Veterans Association grant.  The grant from the Paralyzed Veterans … Continued