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Message from the President

Marc Buoniconti
Marc Buoniconti

Dear Miami Project and Buoniconti Fund friends and supporters:

This year has been a most exciting and productive year in the history of The Buoniconti Fund and The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis. Over the past thirty-two years, The Miami Project’s team of devoted scientists, researchers, clinicians and staff have worked tirelessly to achieve extraordinary scientific progress in our quest to find a cure for paralysis.

Our scientists and clinicians are advancing The Miami Project’s FDA-approved clinical trials and we have just completed our seventh patient by transplanting Schwann cells into their injured spinal cord. It is our intention to accelerate the trial by enrolling more research participants by using combination strategies to enhance the growth of the cells within the spinal cord.

We have made tremendous advances in our many clinical studies, including utilizing a protocol that directs a magnetic pulse through the brain to directly target the circuits that control muscle movement. The purpose of this study is to awaken and strengthen the circuits that provide muscular contractions and improve function.

I am proud to announce that The Christine E. Lynn Institute for The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis at UHealth/Jackson Memorial is being constructed at a rapid pace and is scheduled to open in 2020.

The Miami Project and The Buoniconti Fund remain 100% committed to achieving our ultimate goal of curing paralysis. I want to thank everyone for their continued support and belief in our mission including the Great Sports Legends Dinner Chairman Mark Dalton, The Buoniconti Fund Board of Directors, the Great Sports Legends, Honorees, our wonderful donors, tireless volunteers, Dinner attendees and our University of Miami President Dr. Julio Frenk.

I am often reminded of the promise my father made to me that he would never give up until we found a cure for paralysis. His promise has turned this commitment into a reality changing medical history and giving incredible scientific results to the millions worldwide with a spinal cord injury. We will never rest until everyone suffering from paralysis can rise from their wheelchairs once and for all!

Thank you for standing up for those who can’t!

Marc A. Buoniconti
President, The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis
President, The Buoniconti Fund to Cure Paralysis

To learn more about Mr. Buoniconti, please view his biography.